Dispute Resolution

James Welch, an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation (Insolvency) leads the dispute resolution practice group at Access Law Group.

Working with James is Angel Luong, Solicitor.

Some statistics suggest that 95% or more of all disputes resolve prior to a Court, Tribunal, Arbitrator, or other third party, determining the facts and issues and delivering a judgment.

The team at Access Law Group is experienced at identifying very early on the key facts and issues in dispute so that the client’s interests can be best served through negotiating a formal settlement without the need to commence proceedings.

Whether your legal dispute involves an employer / employee relationship a supplier or distributor relationship, a director/shareholder relationship, or a relationship with a neighbour, competitor, or regulatory body, the team at Access Law Group is equipped to assist you to resolve your dispute as quickly and cheaply as possible.

We have extensive experience in resolving disputes between parties to commercial contracts, shareholders, directors, debtors / creditors and borrowers / lenders.

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Dispute Resolution — Our Team

Director - Accredited Specialist Commercial Litigation - Insolvency
Solicitor - Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation