Alternative Dispute Resolution

At Access Law Group, we focus on providing you with solutions that avoid litigation.  Litigation is sometimes the only option, but usually that option comes with significant costs, risks, and a lengthy delay prior to resolution.

For this reason, our solicitors are driven to engage in alternate dispute resolution services in order to deliver the best alternative to formal legal proceedings.

Alternate dispute resolution includes a number of processes designed to narrow the issues in dispute between parties.  The processes include informal negotiation, formal negotiations, conciliation, mediation, adjudication, and arbitration.

Commercial contracts frequently provide for alternative dispute resolution procedures to be followed by parties to the contract in the event of a dispute.  For this reason, it is important that the parties return to their contract and follow the procedure set out therein.

Our solicitors are trained and experienced in thinking outside of the box.  This is important in alternate dispute resolution as quite often there are barriers to resolving the dispute which are not obvious to either party.  Once these barriers can be identified, they can be broken down, and a commercial resolution can be achieved.

In most alternate dispute resolution processes, all parties need to compromise.  Our solicitors will become intimate with your business, and the nature of the dispute, and will provide commercial advice with respect to where you could, or should compromise, and on what issues you should remain fast.  This is particularly important in any successful alternate dispute resolution procedure as it focuses on the underlying interests of the parties, rather than the parties positions.

Alternative Dispute Resolution — Our Team

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