Asset Protection

As a part of any dispute, your assets may be placed at risk.

For example, you may be sued for a debt or damages, and if that party is successful, you may also be exposed to a large order to pay their costs.  Conversely, in the event that you sue for damages or a debt, and are not successful, you may in a similar vein be exposed to paying the other parties legal costs.

For this reason, it is important that asset protection considerations be taken into account at the commencement of any dispute.

On the other side of the coin, it is important to realise that your opponent in a dispute may have in place asset protection structures with the overall result that if you are successful in a dispute, you may not be able to recover a Judgment or Costs Order as the other party may instead choose to enter insolvency, or bankruptcy.

Access Law Group and its referral network of accountants are specialised in ensuring that your level of risk exposure in a dispute is minimised.

With the introduction of the Personal Property and Securities Act, it is possible to conduct searches and determine an approximate risk profile for you, and your opponent.

In the event that we determine an adverse risk profile for you or your opponent, we will advise you of that, and strategies to implement ways to minimise that risk.

Asset Protection — Our Team

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