Access Law Group (ACCESS) provides a full range of legal services in defamation:

  • Defamation advice, litigation and dispute resolution.
  • Negotiating on behalf of individuals and businesses in both formal and informal mediation and settlement discussions.
  • Individuals and businesses who believe that they have defamed others or published material that may be defamatory.
  • Individuals and small businesses who have been defamed.
  • Assisting publishers, authors, media professionals in relation to issues in Intellectual Property, pre-publication and publication advice.
  • Preparing and advising on Concerns Notices, Letters of Demand and “Cease and Desist” letters.
  • Advising potential plaintiffs in relation to the prospect of settlement.
  • Representing defendants who have been sued for defamation.

prides itself in being a full-service legal firm offering legal services across a broad-spectrum of legal areas. ACCESS can therefore provide advice in alternative claims to defamation, such as Injurious Falsehood, Unfair Dismissal, Strata Disputes and Criminal Law

ACCESS prides itself in undertaking most if not all of the advocacy involved in a defamation case, but we believe that our solution to any defamation claim is in dispute resolution.

  • We understand that litigation is expensive
  • We understand that lawyers can be costly

We therefore take a pragmatic and honest approach when advising our clients. ACCESS is conscious of the costs and demands of litigation and will always explore the prospects of a settlement and we have been successful in most of the cases that we undertook over the past 15 years.

  • We will keep you informed with costs
  • We do not underestimate or overestimate our costs

Defamation — Our Team

Director - Accredited Specialist Commercial Litigation - Insolvency