Letters of Administration/Probate

When someone you love passes away, arranging the paperwork to finalise their estate can be a daunting and emotional time. This is why we ensure that we make the process of applying and administering an estate simple.

Michael Dyson has over 50 year experience and has been assisted by Gabriella Virtu for over 20 years.

Applying for:

Letters of Administration

There a two types of applications for letters of administration:

  1. By a person who is not an executor named in the deceased’s will (the will needs to be attached);
  2. By an interested party where the deceased did not leave a valid will.


Is a court order which confirms that the will is valid and that the executor/s have the right to administer the estate.

An executor is a person appointed by the will to administer the estate. A will can appoint more than one executor. An executor is in charge of making sure the deceased’s’ debts are paid and that their assets/possessions go where they wanted them to.

An executor can choose to remove themselves by signing a formal ‘renunciation’ and filing it in the Supreme Court of NSW.

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Letters of Administration/Probate — Our Team

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