De Facto Relationships

Following legislative changes made on 1 March 2009, parties who are in a de-facto relationship can now apply and be considered pursuant to the Family Law Act 1975 (Commonwealth).

This means that if you were in a de-facto relationship and you satisfied the geographical and legislative requirements you can apply to the Court seeking orders in relation to both the division of property and care and support of children.

It is important to note that any de-facto relationships in Western Australia and those de-facto relationships that cease to exist prior to the 1 March 2009, continue to be dealt with under the old legislation (in NSW the Property (Relationship) Act 1984 (NSW)).

There is a two year time limit from the date of separation to file an Application with the Court seeking a de-facto property settlement.

The team at ALG can advise you about your de-facto property settlement matter.

De Facto Relationships — Our Team

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