The team at ALG are experienced in drafting Divorce Applications, drafting Supporting Affidavits and appearing at Divorce Hearings.

We provide you with advice in relation to your Divorce Application including whether you should proceed with a joint or sole Application for Divorce, personal service requirements, whether you are required to attend Court and the legislative requirements that need to be met before you can obtain a decree nisi or a decree absolute from the Court for more information about these terms, contact our team for advice about divorce matters.

We file your Divorce Application online and a date for the Divorce Hearing is generally allocated immediately.

We are also experienced in drafting Affidavits where parties have been married for less than two years. When this is the case, the Court requires evidence that the parties have either attended Counselling and/or there is no reasonable likelihood of cohabitation resuming.

We are also experienced at drafting supporting Affidavits where parties have lived separated under the one roof.

Divorce — Our Team

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Senior Associate - Solicitor - Family Law