Property Settlements including Superannuation

The team at ALG can advise you about your property settlement following marriage and/or breakdown of a de-facto relationship. We provide you with advice about the legislative requirements, the current case law concerning property settlements, and the four stage process for determining a division of assets.

We can assist you in negotiating a property settlement with your former partner or spouse and advise you about all aspects of your property settlement that will need to be considered prior to you finalising any property settlement under the Family Law Act 1975.

We are experienced in representing clients at mediations, round table conferences, Case Assessment Conferences, Conciliation Conferences, Directions Listings, Interim Hearings and Final Hearings.

Our team are experienced at drafting documents including Mediation documents, Balance sheets, Binding Financial Agreements, Consent Orders, Affidavits, Applications, Responses and Financial Statements.

Superannuation generally forms part of the pool of assets to be divided. Our team will advise you about superannuation and are experienced at drafting Superannuation Splitting Orders and procedural fairness correspondence.

Property Settlements including Superannuation — Our Team

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